See EU Later, Baby!

I’d like to clear up some stuff about the recently passed EU referendum.

NO, it absolutely wasn’t a choice between two equally bad options. Don’t let some wimpy Lexiter try and tell you that. One evil was significantly less bad than the other. There’s crap aspects about the EU, sure, but the free movement of people, guaranteed workers’ and human rights’ provisions and six decades of relative peace in Western Europe all represented sound arguments for voting Remain. Meanwhile Leave screamed like a demon for militarized borders, getting rid of ‘red tape’ (i.e. minimal labour protections) and hellish new free-trade deals that will impoverish people in the global south. White ‘Lexiters’ – your socialists who voted Leave for anticapitalist reasons – can make lousy half-assed attempts to justify themselves in voting for this nightmare, but no matter how hard they try, they can’t absolve themselves. They can call me a ‘liberal’ and ‘apologist for capitalism’ all they like – doesn’t change the fact they sided with fascist nativists for even more draconian immigration laws, and in doing so, have emboldened Europe’s far-right and neo-Nazis. Of course, Lexiters – 99% of them being contrarian white dudes – won’t experience the rough side-effects of this victory. They’ll be clucking contentedly in their privileged bubbles, blissfully unaffected by the post-Brexit racist backlash against immigrants or just anybody perceived to be ‘foreign’. When shit really hits the fan, and the British economy tanks – as it inevitably will – where will the broleteriat be when immigrants are on the receiving end of even more intense hostility and violence? Will they fight the insurgent fash and defend them? Will they hell! I know these people and can testify that they’re nothing but cowardly, wannabe-edgy opportunists. They are content in throwing migrants under the bus in the pursuit of their ‘Lexit’ fantasies. Migrants and their residency rights are merely collateral damage in their eyes.


Secondly, Lexiters are trying to get off the hook and deflect attention away from their spectacularly stupid voting choice. They’re saying ‘stop baiting fellow socialists!’ and are encouraging people to ‘unite’. Let me think… no! I won’t be linking arms with idiots who consider themselves left wing and yet pushed for this agenda, so steeped in racism, xenophobia and putrid British chauvinism, all in the name of… what? Accelerating a proletarian revolution? Pfft. Their whole argument was incredibly stupid, delusional, naive, based on wishful thinking and just generally awful. My participation in the phoney ‘progressive’ circles that pushed for this nonsense will be precisely ZERO. I simply won’t be ‘uniting’ with so-called comrades who legitimised and encouraged racism in the name of helping working class people. And hey, I don’t need to unite with you against the ‘real enemy’. You gave a leftist veneer to the real enemy, and as far as I’m concerned, that makes you the real enemy as well. I’m sorry but I take no prisoners and the concept of ‘left unity’ is meaningless to me, so I have zero obligations to be respectful or polite towards Lexiters. Just because we both support public ownership of railways doesn’t mean I’ll hold back in saying you’re all obtuse pieces of trash, basically.

There’s so much more I take issue with. The idea the Leave vote was a ‘working class uprising’. Was it hell. Brexit was backed by business tycoons, oligarchs and millionaire tabloid bosses. And as someone from rural Dumfries and Galloway, I can confirm the right-wing farmers endemic to this region – don’t listen to them whining about low milk prices, they’re still absolutely loaded – were fully behind Leave. So the idea that pulling out the EU only appealed to low-income peoples is demonstrably untrue and based on a kind of misty romanticism about the oppressed labouring masses ‘rising up’ against the Brussels elites. Um no. If so, how can that explain the English Black and Asian working class voting overwhelmingly to Remain? Or post-industrial dirt poor urban areas like Glasgow, Dundee and Central Scotland opting to stay in the so-called ‘bosses club’ in huge numbers? It doesn’t! It’s a very flawed analysis.

So I’m still very angry. I don’t even know why. I’m 17 and didn’t qualify to vote. I’m just pissed off at the Lexit camp’s stupidity. Vote Leave to escape TTIP they say… do they really think raging neolibs like May, Leadsom, Gove and Farage (who, btw, NOW RUN THE COUNTRY) won’t negotiate free-trade pacts that let the corporate titans run riot? Vote Leave to show solidarity with austerity-ravaged Greece they say… will that be the same Greece where 8/10 people are pro-EU? And where the only forces advocating ‘Grexit’ there are literal fascists like Golden Dawn and homophobic Stalinist crackpots? Vote Leave because Europe has mishandled the refugee crisis they say… it’s a bit odd Lexiters are all-of-a-sudden caring about refugees considering they idolise the dictatorships that push them into the dinghies. It’s insincere and really quite shameful. However, overall, this was a huge victory to the radical right. Fear triumphed over reason and visceral anti-migrant hatred won over a sense of internationalism and solidarity. What a shit country we live in.



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